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B0Y 0H B0Y!
HI! This six-day weekend has been quite lovely. I'm glad I saw most of you at one point and time. I kind of feel like school doesn't exist anymore. Except for the fact that I'm doing my AMSCO questions for APUSH right now. (Thanks, Ms. Thorne) I think I'll take a break and play the guitar or something.


Rachel: Tomorrow thematic notes are due...ya. Just wanted to let you know for no reason in particular. I watched another episode of  "The Office" today and pretty much laughed out loud all by myself. And I wish TaeUn looked like what he looks like on the Wii in real life. SPARKLE EYES! *cute*

Jamie: I forgot to tell you that you are very good at mortal combat even though Aven was doing specific moves and you were just pushing buttons. I'm thinking of recording the song Aven and I serenaded you with, what do you think? "JAAAAMIE!!! In the white hat! You look like a bat!"

Nina: Hi communist. Hahaha totally kidding, that label comes with such negative connotations. Noory is a pretty cool kid and I'm glad that I went yesterday...Don't forget REACH on thursday in Ms. Kormos's room. Seriously, it's fun...and maybe I'll play guitar for you. Kidding again.

Caitlin: I hope you had a lovely time working at Pattison's West. Let's see...are you available some time this weekend? Or you know what, on friday we have a pep band thing so you should just show up with your flute I bet you five dollars Mr. Bliss won't even notice.

Erika: "EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU PEOPLES" hahahahahaahahahahaha wow, I really hope you revised that thing. Again, HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.

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hahah i ended up getting off at like, two because it was so dead. i was going to go home and call you but i didn't have the 1.50 for the bus and my transfer was expired so i just hung out at pattison's and they let me work some more. i have to work friday night but the rest of the weekend i am free.

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